10 March, 2020

Notre Dame Cathedral of Saigon

It’s one of contructions which was belonged to France, the dedication was celebrated on 11th April, 1880. On 17th February 1959, the church’s name was changed to “Immaculate Conception Cathedral Basilica” (Notre Dame Cathedral of Saigon). It’s the Cathedral of Ho Chi Minh City’s Archdiocese, one of Saigon’s evolving architectures. It has the unique decoration that is revered and elegant such as: 56 colorful glass windows with Roman and Gothic style in every outline, mold, and pattern. Further more, the church has widen space with 93m for the length, 35m for the width (in the widest place), 21m for the height of dome. Also, it’s included: one main lobby, two extra separated lobbies and two blocks of chapel. Beside that, the church’s capacity could be reached almost 1.200 persons… All of those things make “Notre Dame Cathedral of Saigon” become a place of interest, a speciality of Viet Nam and one of the highlights which belongs to Ho Chi Minh City’s history. The extensive renovation of the church was begun from 2018 until now.