10 March, 2020

Independence Palace

Independence Palace is an evolving architecture, the important historical monument where many historical events were happenned, it directly impact in Vietnamese’s history. In 1976, Independence Palace is rated as specially national monument by Vietnamese Gorvernment.

It’s built by French in Saigon, Independence Palace was used to be the most beautiful residence in the Orient – the place of the powerful people and it’s also attached with the incidents of Vietnam’s history.

Because of the war between France and Germany (1870), so the contruction of architecture was completed until 1873, and the decoration was completed in two more years. From that time to 27/2/1962, under the wars, the whole of this architecture was damaged. The Government in this time couldn’t recover the architecture so they rebuilt it again follow the blueprint of Ngo Viet Thu architect (the first Vietnamese who win a prize in “Prix de Rome”). Independence Palace was rebuilt on 1/7/1962, the date opening is 31/10/1966. After that, on 8/4/1975, with the bombing, Independence Palace was damaged once again. From 1975 until now, with the investment, recovery and embellishment, the monument becomes a wonderful architecture – the product of a perfect mix between an architecture and the sightseeings.