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In order to provide our guests with safety conditions, please read the following hotel rules :

- Guests' stay must be registered.

- Check-out time is noon (12:00). Hotel will charge 50% room rate when guests check out late before 18:00 and 100% when guests check out late after 18:00.

- Visitors are received only at the lobby.

- When going out, guests should leave the room key and safe key at the reception desk for safety

- Use the safe deposit box for storing your valuable things and your money.

- The following articles can not be brought to the Hotel:

          * Pets, objects or fruits with offensive odour and disturbing noise. Weapon and explosive, flammable and toxicant articles.

               *  Bringing in food and drinks from outside the hotel is not permitted.

- Creating disturbance which annoys guests and gambling are not permitted.

- Removal of fixtures and equipments in prohibited.

- Please don’t use slippers ourdoors or in the bathroom to avoid slipping.

- Please read Hotel’s equipment instruction carefully in order to operate these equipments accurately.

- Compensation would be paid for any loss or damages.

- The use of any heating appliances, such as iron, is not permitted.

- Smoking in bed and in other places where fire is apt to occur is not permitted.

- Other behaviour which might cause fire is prohibited.

- It is the Hotel’s policy that accounts must be settled as soon as they exceed the sum of  VND 10.500.000 . When your credit exceeds this amount, a reminder will be sent to you.

- Please return your room key and safe key to the reception desk when checking out.

- A fee of  VND 150.000 is charged for non-returnable safe key at checkout.

- A fee of  VND 210.000 is charged for non-returnable room key at checkout.

- Guests' passport will be kept at reception until guests check out