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ISO 14001

Oscar Saigon Hotel, located in Ho Chi Minh City, is known in Vietnam and international market as well. Apart from standard facilities, professional staff, optimal guest service…, its activities must meet the environmental requirements-one of the global urgent concerns.

Being aware of its importance, Oscar Saigon Hotel commits to implement an environment management system accordingly to the ISO 14001 standard. Hereto, we state the hotel environment policy:
To minimize usage of power, water in the most appropriate ways so that the service quality for guest  is not effected 
To effectively manage garbage, discharged substance in order to minimize environmental pollution 
To respect Government’s laws and regulations of the Hotel 
To continuously improve activities related to protection of environment, resources and pollution prevention 
The Hotel will take concrete objectives and targets and make them understood and implemented by all the hotel’s staff
We are always updating and sharing both environmental protection information and experience with all colleagues and concerned organizations
The hotel highly appreciates all the comments, proposals from guests and the staff in order to enhance our service quality as well as protect the environment.
General Manager

Mr. Nguyen Hoang Anh Phi